Growing up, I have always been a movie and television fanatic. I love hearing it in the background while I do simple tasks, and I love getting to see each actor that entices me take on different roles. One of my favorite things to do when I find a new actor that draws me in is looking up their background story. Simply, to see if I have heard their soothing voice as a beloved cartoon character, or to see if they too have found love along the way.

I create a personal connection, a dynamic that reminds me almost of friendship even though, I will never meet any of these people I so admire. I think that is why I decided to post an “about me” to my blog.

I wanted this domain to be my domain. I want to be able to digest my greatest heart-ships and the thoughts that keep my mind spinning and complex. I am a happy person who enjoys most of the pleasures of the world. I strive to grow and be better, and my long climb to the top is exhausting. I am frustrated with myself regularly, I challenge the people around me, and my preferences and thoughts are everchanging.

Writing this I HOPE you do not see me as a basket-case, or a suburban cry baby. I simply see myself honestly and I want others to HOPEfully find solace in my words. I am not a prodigy, I am not an influencer, and I currently have 0, nada, degrees that give me any credibility.

My heart is understanding, my mind is confused, and my soul craves more. The love of my life treats my furbabies, my home, and my whole self with such kindness and pureness. My home is evolving as much as I am each day. AND I have a dream job while I pursue my never ending education near my favorite beach that keeps me central to the people I claim as my family.

As a human being, you think it would be able to accurately describe myself. I spend my days painting pictures of people I know and love, describing their energies and the way they influence others. Now I sit here trying to describe myself and all I can say is…This about me is so you understand my words better. So YOU see my intentions and realize we are all trying to figure out this purpose while our world continues each day.

Anyways, welcome to my domain.

I HOPE you feel loved, you find your way through all of your heart-ships, & you get to express yourself in a healthy way today.

+++Sidenote: One of my weaknesses is abusing the power of the “!”; which I will try to conquer over time. They say Rome was not built in a day.

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