Dogz ‘N Motherhood

My life rotates around eight hairy legs and two wagging tails that greet me each day. My furbabies wake me up with nose dabs on my cheeks and warm up my feet while I fall asleep at night. Tanner and I talk about dreams and future plans that all focus on making sure the dogs’ worlds will remain consistent or even better.
Between deciding if commutes are too long for potty times, or if a future yard will suit the galloping they need each evening when we all arrive home. Because that is the beauty, and blissfulness of having dogs. Each day not only do you get a cheering squad but you also have to address the absolute need for physical release because of how absolutely ecstatic they are. Imagine that- being so excited that you are literally jumping for joy at around the same time frame every day. Nothing makes you feel more real or present in a day than knowing some living creature needs you and I’m not sure if that is why we became parents to these beasts but it definitely helps on dark days.
One September as a youth*, I went through a bad breakup with a guy I then thought was soulmate material because of our similar aesthetic and interest in The Office. I was looking for Free furniture on Craigslist to refurbish to take my mind off said loser and got distracted by the biggest sniffer I’d ever seen.

Delta – Corgi/German Shepherd Mix – 1.8 years – FREE or Shelter

I had been walking dogs at the local shelter in Mesa, Arizona, and if you did not know, Arizona is a euthanization state. During the summer months when the shelters would be at max capacity, they would begin putting puppers to sleep. Being in a college house with girls who fawned over dogs on the street, I figured the least I can do is rehome this pet for someone so he does not get sent to the shelter.
I went and found this silly looking dog that could not talk his nose off the ground. Following it wherever his snout took him, and I thought, “Wow… what a weirdo”. And that was how I knew I was going to love him for life. The funny thing was, I took him straight to Petsmart for identification, and the moment I got home my roommates convinced me to change his name.
Wrigley became my first furbabies – he also turned out to only be 8 months old, but that’s a story for another time.

Wrigs put men through the wringer showing just how stubborn a dog could be if he didn’t like my person. He would go from cuddling with the girls to chewing up a potential match’s shoes.
After many bad dates, I brought home my Tanner. I was cleaning up the bathroom from getting ready for our date and Wrigley had a paw up on both of Tanner’s shoulders with their foreheads nuzzling each other. I knew I could not let this man get away from us right then. Two years into dating, Tanner adopted his first dog for my Christmas present.

We showed up at the rescue shelter with our future big brother Wrigley and took a chance looking at an older dog who needed a little extra love.

Minnie – Sheffield Terrier/Lab – 2 years old

The moment this little lady came out she laid her large head into Tanner’s palm and he was butter in her paws from then on. Minnie became Honey and Honey became the baby of the house. She had kennel cough when Hon moved in and only weighed 37 pounds as a full-grown dog. We carried her everywhere and wrapped her up like a burrito during the cold Illinois months.

Now she is 48 pounds and gallops ahead of her brother grunting, “catch me if you can” while they do figure eights.

Honey (2) & Wrigley (4)

To be honest, Honey and Wrigley are like an 80s cop show waiting to happen. One’s body is much smaller than his head and little legs whose always alert. The other walks around with a dopey look and has the prettiest legs in town. I don’t know how they work together, but God knew that our family would be complete with them.

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